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Impromptu Footage of the Master Control Method with NMT at Work in Cuba.

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See the impossible heal: Age 1 boy with spina bifida and a senior woman with elephantiasis.

This is an informal record of our volunteer sessions with the Cuban people in 2005-2006. My husband and I were visiting homes of Cubans in the very poor area of Pilon, Grandma.  We were requested by the people  to help those with no hope.  In this short video you will see improvement with two very different people, a young boy with Spina Bifida and an older woman with Elephantiasis. 
This young boy, Onay,  made an amazing transformation after his first session of working with his own system. After seven sessions , he was able to hold up his head, was trying to walk, was a happy  young boy, starting to talk and make eye contact, in general, he began to start back on the road to normal development.
Nelva, the older woman, was able to see her arm start to reduce in size. The terrible pain in her feet resolved and she regained her good humor. Her energy for working around the home and yard increased. She was very pleased with my work!
Inspiring! Only YOUR help can keep this volunteer project alive!  We are still seeking an overseeing Canadian Institution, such as a health care facility or a university, a source of funding and your donations. We need to find the right people to support these miracles of healing.
The desired result of the last 5 years of our determination and hard work on this project will be to train doctors and other health care practitioners in Cuba to perform the Master Control Method with NMT. Due to the strength and excellent educational system in this small but powerful country, Cuba is in the position to send doctors worldwide. Cuba currently trades doctors for commodities in many countries, such as Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, the Caribbean and other countries. Extensive healing without drugs, surgery or other costly medical interventions are already obtained in Cuba  with the powerful healing of The Master Control Method with NMT.

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