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NMT Journey in Cuba:

Newsletter Report  Winter, 2007

We returned from Cuba on February 8, 2007 after a delay in obtaining a flight back. The cold in Canada was extreme and difficult to bear, as was leaving our Cuban family and the little concrete house we had grown to love.

One of the biggest challenges we had to face when moving from the hotel to the Cuban home wasn’t the biting mosquitoes, although there were many, or the lack of showers, baths, hot water or flush toilets, or the open air nature of the home, but the noise at night from barking dogs and crowing cocks. After a few nights of being awakened, I realized with a start that I could handle the problem with NMT! A few sessions for the dogs and the cocks and the noise settled down. The worst offender, Cabasa the dog, was removed to one of the Cuban son’s (Yordani) tiny little banana leaf home in his onion field a mile away. Peace reigned and we slept. Barbara, our hostess, kept us well fed with local food, fresh from the farm and the ocean!

I visited with the young lady, Yudelkis, who dyed my hair last year.  (another thrilling escapade in Cuba, having my hair dyed in the cement sink in the backyard of a Cuban home, the dye mixed in beer bottles, all the while praying my hair would still be attached to the root at the end of it all.) I found out she had severe pain in her hip from a fall from a horse, a month and a half ago, on the way to her clients in the mountains. One session of NMT, IFs, SMP and TTRP and she was pain free.

A few weeks later, when Yudelkis’ cousin came to our Cuban house not feeling well, I offered NMT to help her recover. She refused. I was confused, but held back.

The clients from last year continue to improve. Baby Onay, featured in our movie, held all his remarkable recovery from his spina bifida, and continues to make efforts to walk and to join in with the other children. His family is extremely pleased with his recovery, especially now that they have a new brother for Onay. Pain continued in his spine, and his tendons were stopping him from flexing his ankles and walking properly. His ACS was able to resolve his pain on this trip, and we started work on repairing the tendons.

Nelva, also featured in our movie, continued to do well and enjoy much better health. The elephantiasis in her arm had reduced by approximately 60% and the pain in her right foot was totally resolved.  We found, however, the left foot was swollen and painful.  We began work on the infection causing this condition. Nelva was excited and grateful for our return. She refers to me as the “medico toursita” or the tourist doctor. The Cubans insist on calling me doctor, despite my protests to the contrary!

Katia, the woman that was severely burned and in an isolation unit in the hospital, unable to recover from the infections. We had started NMT while she was in hospital. Her aunt helped her to receive long distance NM. Katia recovered and left the hospital, now was back in Marea town! We visited her family and started a session for disfiguring scaring on her face, chest, arms and even legs. Although I only worked on her for two sessions, the scars were beginning to heal rapidly. The second session I found her willing to expose more of her skin, wearing shorts and a sleeveless blouse. We were happy to discover later that she had found a new love in another town, but this meant she was too busy to return and show us the improvement in the scarring, as reported by her family. Next visit, we will be expecting a NMT miracle to happen!

The groups formed in Marea, translated by a single Mom, named Yanellis, who we met last year. She has a new baby, only a few months old, and laments that the father decided to disown the child. But, she has family support for her little girl and is able to attend schooling in the mornings daily. Yanellis advertised the groups via word of mouth and hosted them in her home.

While visiting Yanellis to arrange the groups, she reported to me that her little baby was quite ill after her vaccination shot at the hospital in Pilon. She was listless and feverish. One quick NMT session and the baby immediately return to normal, her fever disappeared rapidly and her energy returned. Her mother was both speechless and grateful. Makes me wish that all babies could have the benefits of NMT after their vaccines, or better still to use the NMT Vaccination Pathway instead of the needle!

The groups began on Jan I, 2007 at the home of Yanellis.  Ten people attended, some from last year and many new folks. Two children with frequent infections requested help.

Yanellis’ aunt had remarkable improvement with her arthritis, and three women suffered pain in the reproductive area. The pain resolved in on the spot. One young man, about age 9, was sick and continued to cry through the group. He did not seem to gain a lot of relief during the group. My intuition (or probably my connection with his ACS) informed me that he was having trouble in school. The mother agreed that was true, and we talked about school not always being correct approach for all children; children are intelligent in many ways. As we discussed this, the boy stopped crying and listened. I sent a treatment for IF causing lack of self confidence and esteem and he recovered well.

The groups were going well, similar to last year’s efforts! And then the “plot thickened”.

In the last newsletter, I reported that the immigration had finally granted permission for the visa to stay with our Cuban family. We were informed we were allowed to remain at our Cuban house while the son, Yordani, made the day long journey on the bus system to the town of Manzanillo to pick up our visas. Suddenly, everything changed. The immigration demanded we all make the trip to Manzanillo. They assured us this was routine, yet personal. An idea snuck into my mind; perhaps were we being called to help their leader, Fidel Castro back to health!

We made many efforts to find out WHY we were summoned, to no avail. After days of difficulties, we finally were able to rent a car and rush to Manzanillo. The immigration closed early, despite our phone call confirming we were coming that day. After hours of waiting, we were finally seen. We were told that immigration had received a phone call of complaint and we were no longer allowed to practice NMT in Cuba, without a special visa of permission.  They assured us they realized the value of NMT, but made a mistake in telling us we could work with people in the town and not in the hospitals. 

Now my task is to obtain the special visa demanded by immigration in order to return to Cuba with a welcome upon landing. All of God’s Love and Blessings are needed for this task!


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