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 Our March, 2009 Trip: The Canada Cuba NMT Project Minimize

We were able to arrange a meeting with the doctors at Medicina Tradicional y Natural (MTN) in Havana, despite silence in response to emails from Canada requesting a meeting.
We made the harrowing drive from Havana to Marea Del Portilla, much the wiser after our trip last year.
Once again, despite assurances from immigration in Havana, we did indeed encounter immigration issues and were not allowed to stay with our Cuban family in Marea Del Portilla.
Within our Cuban family, I faced some health care challenges and NMT came through with effective and rapid results.
We were left stranded at the airport in Manzanillo, and struggled to return to Havana for our meeting with the doctors of MTN and for our flight back home.
We were disappointed that the MTN doctors were not authorized to arrange a meeting that included Canadian International Development Agency and their Cuban scientists. However, we left with a stronger bond and a new direction for this project, along with a large work load.

Our March, 2009 Return: The Canada Cuba NMT Project

We were unsure of our welcome as we arrived in Havana on March 1. This time, we did not expect to encounter immigration issues, as we breezed through the gates again in this big city. We had not received a response to our emails notifying the staff at Medicina Tradicional y Natural (MTN) that we were coming to Havana. I had requested a meeting. The next morning after our arrival, we headed to the MTN office and spoke briefly to an MTN doctor we met last year.

With our broken Spanish, we arranged to meet with the English speaking staff, Dra. Raissa Acevendo Yero, and Dr. Jorge Daniel Garcia Salman for the following day.  When we arrived at the appointed time, the doctors were not there to greet us and had not left any message. I released feelings of being rebuffed, and then I felt moved to wait. As Murray and I waited, I used NMT modulation of energy to work on the possible blocks to this project.  Then, I was pleased to receive a phone call from Raissa who informed us that the staff had all been called to a meeting that morning, and we arranged for later time on that day to meet with Jorge Daniel.

During our meeting with Jorge Daniel, we talked about the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) recommendations that MTN explore the possibilities for a local project. Jorge Daniel suggested that we hold a meeting on Friday, March 27, and invite both CIDA and the scientists. I committed to prepare an agenda, and the date was set. We headed to our “home” province of Granma, and to the town of Marea Del Portilla, 840 kilometers away.

Returning to Marea Del Portilla

Once again, we rented a car and drove to Marea Del Portilla, our favorite area of Cuba. We were now much wiser and proceeded with extreme caution. (See our 2008 Newsletter for our 1st harrowing drive). Our adopted Cuban family lives there, and we expected to be able to arrange a stay this time, as we had been reassured by the officials at immigration in Havana that the “mistakes” of immigration in Manzanillo would be corrected and that we no longer experience problems. Despite my expectations, we did indeed encounter an issue and were not allowed to stay with our Cuban family. As we waited our turn, I heard the immigration workers refuse to allow another foreigner to arrange a stay at a Cuban home, and I knew we were about to face this issue again. Then, immigration in Manzanillo decided to bend the rules against us once again, for no apparent cause.

Facing some health care challenges within our Cuban family

Within our Cuban family, I faced some health care challenges. Thankfully, immigration allows me to continue to work on the family with NMT. One of the young sons, Yordani, complained of a very sore foot that he was unable to walk on. He showed me a planter’s wart on the sole his foot. This hard working man was very upset by the pain and was eager to get on with his work for his budding family. I started remote NMT from the beach and his pain was gone in two days.

Since I was studying the health effects of both ozone and hydrogen peroxide (H202) therapies while in Cuba, I was able to apply one drop of 35% food grade H202 to the wart after directing the man to scrape the wart with a sharp knife. I believe this will improve the long term outcome, and I was able to leave a small bottle of H202 with the family for these types of problems. These warts normally require surgery. Effective modulation of the ACS makes the surgery unnecessary and H202 will hasten the healing.

Myeslasi, his wife, is now expecting a child, five months pregnant. We were distressed to hear that she was experience pain in the kidneys, and that the doctors were already planning a premature c-section if the situation worsened. Another case for remote NMT! Within a few days, Myeslasi was pain free and feeling much better. 

In prior years, Maria the sister in law of our hostess, Barbara, and Maria’s daughter Marie Blanca (now age three) struggled with wide spread impetigo, a skin disease with characterized by open sores. We had made great improvements with NMT in past years, elimination the sores completely with NMT and application of an antibiotic cream from Canada. I started remote NMT on one such sore on Marie Blanca.  A few days later, I used one drop of H202 three times in one day, and the sore healed very rapidly.

We were invited to lunch at the home of the sister of our hostess, Barbara. When I arrived at the house, I was disturbed to see a small puppy on the ground, splayed out on his tummy, shivering uncontrollably. The owner reported that the puppy’s mother had died the day before. I could not resist helping, and I started remote NMT right away. By the time we left a few hours later, the puppy was on his feet and wagging his tail, and tottering about, looking for food. The puppy was doing well when we left a few weeks later.

This trip, we met the brother, named Fidel, of the daughter in law of Barbara, our hostess. The husband, Barbara’s son, Osmani, is the father of a baby boy, about six months old. His wife and her brother had little contact with their parents. I found the brother, Fidel, a hard working and charming young man, staggering around on the beach one day, drunk on rum and in a very cheerful mood, violating the ban on Cubans in the tourist beach area. After I asked the family about this, we were told that his mother left with her husband, abandoning her children to the grandmother ten years ago. Once again, my heart went out, and since he was really part of the family by marriage, I decided it would be acceptable to use remote NMT to help him and his sister. I was amazed when the family reported that two days later, after ten years, the mother suddenly came to visit her children, was reunited and discovered her new grandchild.

I am still left speechless at the extreme power of NMT here in Cuba.

Overcoming Challenges to Return to Havana and Our Meeting with the MTN Staff

We found ourselves struggling to return to Havana in time for the meeting and our flight home. Renting a car was very expensive and from this area, next to possible. We arranged a flight to Havana with the tour operator at Marea Del Portilla, who works for Cubancan, the government travel agency. We saw her often and she assured us the flight was no problem. I believed her, as she was a friend and in prior years before the ban on NMT work, I had helped her become pregnant with free NMT sessions. However, after packing up and driving in a cab 1.5 hours, we were still left stranded at the airport in Manzanillo with no flight. The fight was full and she had not put our names on the fly list. Luckily, I had a sense that I should ask our helpful cab driver to wait in case we had problems. He was very helpful with resolving our crisis. Thank God I was able to follow this guidance and act on the feeling. We found out how difficult transportation arrangements can be in Cuba due to the subsidy by Cuban govt for Cubans, as the low cost of $187 cuban pesos or 7.48 CUC (9.00 US) to fly to Havana, more that 804k away, must fill the planes every day.

Thanks to staff at the Cuban airline who really went out of their way to help us, we arranged a flight to Havana from another city, Holguin, about 180 miles away, for Saturday morning, three days later. In the meantime, our cab driver helped us by driving us to Bayamo (80 miles along, racking up additional charges) and finding us accommodations. We spent time at a casa particular, a legally registered home that the government allows. Cubans can rent a registered room to tourists for somewhat less that the hotels, like our bed and breakfast in Canada. 

We discovered that the town of Bayamo is a wonderful place, with an historic city centre that is closed to cars, with better shopping and restaurants that we found in Havana. Despite the stress of being stranded, we were enjoying Bayamo very much. We most likely would not have explored this city otherwise.

Since Norma, our hostess had a daughter who was studying dentistry and a husband who was a vet, we told her about our NMT project and gave her a Spanish brochure. We managed to communicate in our basic Spanish, and we were touched by the plight of the mother of Norma. Her mom suffered from constant pain in her stomach, a gastric condition called acid reflux or GERD. This very cute 82 year young woman charmed me, and I couldn’t resist helping her.  I told her I would help her and then I sat quietly and did a full session without speaking or using any form of MRT or testing of any kind, and triggered the action of her ACS (See “What is NMT” on this site) by tapping my own thumb and breathing for her, with Murray’s help. I could not be accused by anyone of violating any rule, as I was really only sitting there and working in my head. Yet the results were wonderful.

Her pain resolved immediately. I phoned from Havana 5 days later and she was still symptom free. The way these Cuban people heal with NMT, I have every reason to believe the pain will never return.

We arranged to meet up with the cab driver in Bayamo, and we had a great night out at the local disco, another new experience in Cuba, and a very delightful one indeed! Cubans are just as fashionable and fun as we are in Canada.

We were at the mercy of our cab driver and had to count on him to pick us up at 530am to drive for an hour to Holguin to board our flight to Havana. He showed up in Cuban time, a half hour early, Cuban time has always meant EARLY to us, which is our experience. If you show late in Cuba, you will likely miss the bus or plane, as we find that early the norm.

 Our Meeting With The Staff At MTN Havana  :

We were relieved to land in Havana and find our way to our accommodations. As Guidance would have it, the meeting had been moved by MTN to Monday and we had not missed it.

We met with only the two doctors Jorge Daniel and Raissa; the department head did not attend. The doctors explained that they had no authority to set up a meeting with the scientists and CIDA.

We were informed that the program of MTN is under review by the ministry, keeping the staff occupied. They are undergoing a major reorganization of natural medicine and this is their priority.  As a result, the two doctors felt no new projects could be taken on this year.

Jorge Daniel explained that all techniques must be official in order to run research projects, “legal” and approved by the Ministry of Public Health. Flower remedies are not legal, nor is Reiki and I believe that acupuncture is not approved as well. This does not mean these therapies do not exist in Cuba, as Raissa works with Bach flower remedies. In fact, Raissa had been sent on a mission to Ecuador working among the natives with Bach flowers. Most people in Cuba simply cannot travel but are sent on assignments by the government.  I believe it means that a legal therapy is one that has been official recognized, accepted and funded fully by the Cuban government.

They advised that we must write to the Ministry directly, and propose a written project, that this project should be presented with CIDA.  I requested that we collaborate on such a project.

We were advised to develop a contact with the Department of International Relationships in Cuba. They questioned if NMT was only in North America, and I let them know that NMT is world wide, on a small scale. Jorge Daniel expressed his desire to become part of the world wide NMT research network.

The doctors made emphasis on the science of NMT, not on miracles of healing. I stressed that NMT is a system of healing, a teachable method with observable results that are tested in labs. They have a copy of the Cavitational study and are informed about the upcoming results of the NMT Autism Study: A Study of the Efficacy of NeuroModulation Technique with Children Diagnosed with Autism. 

The doctors requested more information on NMT, how it works, papers it back up the scientific approach, published articles (similar to The Resolution of Cavitational Osteonecrosis Through NeuroModulation Technique study). They want to study NMT first. They spoke about a lab study before working with Cuban people. As I write this, I realize a trial with NMT and animals would be very successful. Imagine a lab trial that HEALS animals instead of harming them, a truly exciting concept and one that turns medical science on its head!

The doctors still emphasized the need for a relationship with an institute of higher learning here in Canada. They will on longer completely rule out an institute in the USA, since President Obama has taken over. I spoke about the many visits and contacts with universities in Canada, describing interest but no offers of collaboration.  They advise us to obtain an academic visa, without telling us how to go about this task. 

They placed emphasis on the importance of focusing on one health issue, and to avoid stating that NMT is “good for everything”. We will find a focus for the project and work on that disease only.

They felt we must convince the scientists in Cuba. However, they felt that use of kinesiology, pendulum testing or any form of MRT will cause skepticism, and could cause the project to be refused. I responded that another form of testing could be used, i.e. lie detector machine, and also explained this was unnecessary, cumbersome and expensive. They both understood but were concerned about the skepticism they face in Cuba.

The doctors explained that they believed that there was resistance within the Cuban system to alternative healing. Murray expressed surprise that this was prevalent in Cuba, since the drug companies do not have the same influence over the medical system. Cuba is less focused on profit from their health care system, instead focused on the health of the people. The health care system, according to some of the harshest critics of the Cuban Revolution, is its main success. According to Geoff D’Arcy, Lic. Ac., D.O.M. (who seems to be a supporter of Cuba) “The green revolution in agriculture and medicine, along with tourist dollars, has become the healing balm to the “Achilles heel” of Castro’s Revolution.”

I suggested there was a main reason for this resistance to NMT among doctors and scientists, even in the face of cold hard scientific FACT. Modulation of the ACS for health changes everything we have known about how to heal the human body, and this could be considered too much of a challenge to the present structure.  Some people may feel that they have been wrong in their approach, and human nature abhors being wrong. Personally, I embrace being wrong, as this allows for fresh approaches for a better life. Medical staff have trained for many years, and may question this new method. Actually, medicine and NMT can work together effectively for the most rapid recovery of the patient.

The doctors responded that NMT is a revolution in health care, and that they recognized the importance of this meeting and of the work of NMT. I reminded them that the Cuban NMT revolution in health care started in the birthplace of their Cuban revolution, in the province of Granma.

The world watched this March as Cuba hosted the world wide summit on the global economy this March while we were in Cuba. Cuba, the David in the world of Goliath, has a powerful history of such conference organizing, and the possibility for such a conference once Cuba has legally accepted NMT is a strong one. Such a conference could mean the world for the spread of NMT!
The doctors brought up the issues with immigration in Manzanillo. We have been advised by the Canadian Embassy in Havana that the actions of immigration in Manzanillo against us were not founded! Perhaps the actions against us are another manifestation of the resistance to real healing that we all need to be vigilant for, in our thought and action.

We left on good terms. I feel that although this project is painfully slow in development, that there is great potential. We have built a bond with these doctors and have their interest and commitment; this is key to the project.

A New Direction For The NMT Canada Cuban Project

Since arriving back to our comfortable and well appointed society, I have realized that a new direction for this NMT Canada Cuban project may be emerging.

Steps that the project may take at this point in time:

1. Finding allies and building alliances, i.e. contacts with CIDA, and the Ministry of Public Health and the Department of International Relationships in Cuba.
2. Planning an educational unit on NMT to present to the Cuban doctors as the first step in the study process.
3. Planning and carrying out a laboratory study healing animals with NMT, focusing on a specific condition (i.e. infections, arthritis, diabetes or heart disease).
4. Planning and carrying out a study on one specific human condition, and  childhood autism may be a good choice as much of the foundation has been laid and I have a level of confidence in modulation for this condition, having worked on some children with autism in my practice since 2002.

The next steps may be far in the future, but could include a multi-practitioner study of NMT in Cuba, and possible NMT training sessions for Cuban personal. Positive visioning to make this a reality is a step in the right direction.

As always, your energy, your feedback and your support in all the ways you can envision are more than welcome. Thank you for your interested in our continued efforts!




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