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Cuban People Demonstrate the Effectiveness of NMT and Show UP the North Americans with Extremely Rapid Results!

Greetings from Marea Del Portilla, Granma Province, Cuba
January 7, 2006

We are on the downward slide toward the return to our native home, Toronto, Canada, with approximately 5 weeks left of this 13-week adventure trip to this amazing country. Cuba has a great lack of material goods, due to the on going conflict with the USA after the Cuban Revolution. The people, however, have many advantages that are lacking in many other Caribbean countries, like free homes, government jobs, free university, health and dental care. The lack of material goods make these Cuban people very inventive and creative!

This area of Granma is one of the poorest and the most isolated in Cuba. Communication is extremely difficult, and we spent hours trying to establish e-mail links to our folks at home, with limited success. I am sending this newsletter to you with the assistance of my daughters, who will forward this on from Canada, so I beg your pardon for the impersonal nature of this communication!

The people in Granma are still rebuilding after the devastation of Hurricane Dennis. Dennis wrecked many of the homes in this area. To our sorrow, we found that the hurricane left our “adopted” family without a roof for two months. The people here must wait for the government workers to work down their list and make the needed repairs. Then, they were forced to endure 25 days straight of rain in October; major flooding was the result. Many in the towns around are still waiting for the much needed repair to their homes, many roofs are still missing! The people here manage to stay cheerful and work through their issues, with great determination and strength.

We are hoping that this area will be sent much needed bikes from the wonderful program, Recycle Your Bicycle. (For more info on this program, call the Canadian Cuban Friendship Association or look up the website.) The program may be in danger of losing its space, and this area is next on the list for a container of bikes in the spring. Please join me in visualizing the Cubans with the needed bikes!

Murray and I have balanced our time here with both work and play. As soon as we arrived, we contacted the local doctor I spoke to before leaving Canada. We delivered to him the suitcase of medical supplies we transported on behalf of Not Just Tourists (or what was left in the suitcase after the customs people confiscated all the expired medications).  The doctor was very grateful, and listened carefully to the explanation of the therapy we are here to share with the people, NeuroModulation Technique (NMT). Luckily, he is open minded and arranged some or his patients for sessions the following day.

My first challenge was a woman with chronic pain in her neck, arms and hands, after a long ago accident. I was extremely nervous, but I pulled through the session. Much to my amazement, Vigen left with no pain, a very happy woman. A man, formerly a fisherman with chronic pain in his arms, left pain free. On Thursday, he cut Murray’s hair at no charge, since he is still experience only a little pain. This is after one session almost two months ago!

My teacher was correct. It is very possible to communicate to the control system of the body without the conscious mind’s comprehension. These people speak no English, and had a very brief explanation of NMT.

Since this very successful beginning, I have helped about fifty people with NMT.  There has been no failure or minimal response to NMT, only the most astounding recoveries I have ever seen. I’ll share a few of the most challenging cases with you.

Our adopted family has offered many of these challenges. I met Santa in November, with expecting to help heal her broken leg, damaged in the hurricane. The young farmer, Yordani, in our adopted family we met last year, tried to explain in his limited English, and I simply did not understand that Santa had her leg amputated mid-thigh due to polio. As I met and worked with her, I understood her difficulties. I may have been very intimated had I known the extent of her problems. But, I was unable to shy away from her as she came toward me with her walker. She was also cleary very depressed, as her family informed me with sign language, indicating many tears.  I was not aware that she had left her mountain home months ago as polio claimed her right leg, and that the doctors amputated to halt the disease. Within only two treatments, her chronic pain was gone and her depression lifted. The family informed us that Santa had somehow gotten a car back to her home and husband in the mountains and was planning on altering her clothes to accommodate for the missing leg. Late December, she was still well and happy in her mountain home, asking about Murray and I.

A few weeks ago, I treated a Cuban woman, one of the tour operators on staff here. She was unable to become pregnant for the last year. Less than a week later, she had missed her period, an unusual event for her. Now we are sure she is pregnant, a simply stunning result with only one treatment! Today, she is asking for a session for morning sickness.

Baby Onay and his Aunt "Mothere"

In December, I met Baby Onay in the nearby village of Mota. Onay is one year old, and a surviving twin. He suffered spinal damage when his dead twin sister lay on him in the womb for thirty days. When we first met him, he could not walk or sit, his neck was very weak, he was rigid when standing, unable to flex his legs, suffered crossed eyes and attacks similar to epilepsy. After the first session, his aunt (daycare provider) noted positive changes. I did warn her to take care, as Onay could become stronger and surprise her, leading to a possible fall. And change he did, trying to sit up and starting to flex his legs the same day! He has had four sessions now, and he is flexing his legs, holding up his head, talking up a storm, smiling and laughing and suffering attacks with much less frequency. Even his eyes are looking more normal.

I heard about Leandio, another family member, from Yordani, but not until he was moved from the nearby town of Pilon to Manizillo, about 83 KM from here. Might as well be on the other end of the world, as travel in this area is very difficult or really expensive. Leandio was suddenly struck with loss of speech, then facial paralysis, and as his illness progressed, with paralysis on the right side. The doctors were unable to determine if he had suffered from a tumor or a clot. They did know that surgery for this growth, about 4cm large, could very well result in insanity and decided it was not worth the risk.

Murray and I spend about two weeks trying to find transportation to the hospital to help this 19 year old man, with no success. The only way open to tourists is by taxi, a very expensive route. We met a doctor from the hospital Manizillo though a friend. The doctor was staying at our resort, and he knew Leandio’s case. He was interested in NMT and told us to ask for him when we arrived at the hospital.  We were assured of access to the boy now, if we could get to Manizillo. We had a car arranged and planned to share it with two tourists, only to have the car not arrive, not only once but twice!

When I heard Leandio had stopped eating and the doctors were planning to send him to Havana, to his mother’s home for palliative care, I knew I had to act. I began treating long distance with Yordani as the surrogate. I heard the next day Leandio was starting to feel better, and feeding on liquids again. We visited his father, and explained NMT to him. His father was determined to bring him to the nearby town of Marea Del Portilla. New Year’s Day found us face to face with a very charming young man with a really lopsided smile (half his face was paralyzed). We have been visiting and treating him every day, and he is making an amazing recovery. After the second session, we returned to find him sitting up! Yesterday, we found his family very excited. His brother was asked by his mother to help Leandio put on his pants in the morning, and found Leandio had already done so, all on his own! Feeling is returning to his hand and foot and he is dragging his leg. He is eating hearty meals. I have very high hopes for a full recovery. On Monday, he is being moved to the hospital in Pilon to begin his rehabilitation exercises. When I found out that he was one of the young men that raced the houses at our hotel, I was very impressed. These young men ride like thunder as quickly as they can toward a very small ring, and must insert a small feathered dart into the ring. I understand he was very good, too. I asked that he visualize himself daily returning to this sport, and to NEVER doubt that he could do it.

Leandio suddenly struck with loss of speech,  facial paralysis, and then paralysis on the right side. NMT worked miracles!

We are looking forward to the challenges this New Year will bring as our time runs out here in Cuba. The Cubans are teaching me that this NMT is without limits and they are increasing my confidence with these difficult challenges!

Both Murray and I wish you well, good health and joy to you and your loved ones in 2006!

Many Blessings,

Deborah A. Frenette
Murray D. Grummitt

We returned from our bike trip to Mota, about 6KM from here with a glow that probably could be seen in the dark! Our favorite baby, Onay, is walking with help. What a wonderous miracle, this NMT!

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