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Find the True Nature of Your Spiritual Self with:

A Course in Miracles

This course can be summarized in this way:

 Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.

Herein lies the peace of God.

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is book of self-directed study of over a thousand pages . Deborah and Murray have spent five years studying the book, which consists or three parts, The Text, The Workbook for Students and The Manual for Teachers. Two Professors of Medical Psychology at Columbia University in New York City were brought together to scribe the book, joined in a common goal to find a better way. Dr. Helen Schucman was the scribe, and Dr. William Thetford was supported her work. Dr.Schucman was a close friend and associate of Dr. Ken Wapnick, who was instrument in assisting her in bringing ACIM into being.  Dr. Ken Wapnick is still very much alive, keeping both Murray and Deborah thinking for thousands of miles as they listen and learn from his audiotapes, while they are driving down the highway on their vacation trips.

The Text offers a radically different view of this world and the Workbook provides the framework with daily lessons for one year.   The Manual is a supportive text that helps explain the Course, and is an aid to teaching. The lessons train the mind to see this world very differently.  The view of the world according to ACIM is that we live in a somewhat meaningless illusion, designed by the ego (emotional self) to keep the illusion of separation and to control the guilt over the perceived separation from God.  ACIM gives hope to the student as the Truth unfolds.  Love is the key to this hope, the only true meaning in this illusion.

 A Course in Miracles instructs us on how to use society -- "made as an attack on God" (W.pII.3.2:1) -- to learn that ultimately that the world is illusory, and further, that the separated self that thinks it exists in the world is also illusory. In that sense, society is our classroom, until we request the Holy Spirit’s help. Then we are able to change all of the mistaken beliefs in our minds. On the level of absolute truth, the world is totally illusory; but on the level of our dream of separation, we can learn to use our interactions in the world to help us awaken from the dream. Change your body's health with your mind (your ACS) and you will begin to feel the power and the truth of ACIM. After all, we are indeed entitled to miracles!

Deborah and Murray's view of healing and of the meaning and the purpose of this life has been forever altered by ACIM.  Now, they strive to live ACIM every day. Over time, Deborah has perceived that the work with NMT comes closer and closer to the Truth in ACIM.

ACIM Study Groups are forming in Stanstead, Quebec. These groups are directed toward students of ACIM, and are meant as a teaching tool and as a forum to clarify questions that may arise for the Course student. Selected topics are offered. Please contact Deborah and Murray for further details. 

Foundation for a Course in Miracles

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