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 The Wonders of Ozone Therapy Minimize

Understanding Ozone Therapy

Ozone Defined

Ozone (O3) is a triatomic molecule, consisting of three oxygen atoms. It is an allotrope of oxygen that is much less stable than the diatomic O2. 

Ozone must be freshly generated due to this unstablity, as the loss of ozone in water happens within about 20 minutes. 

Ozone gives that fresh smell to the air, and can be smelled strongly  after a lightening storm.

Controversy rages on regarding the effectiveness of the use of ozone in health therapies. Deborah A. Frenette and Murray D. Grummitt personally subscribe to the use of ozone for health, and inhale ozone and drink ozoniated water daily.

There is compelling evidence demonstrated in many clinics worldwide, including clinics in Europe and in Cuba, that ozone makes an important contribution to the recovery of health in patients all over the world.

You are encouraged to study and learn about the therapy. The informed client is the best, most successful client! Success is the goal for both practitioner and client!


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