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Painting our Roof as a Guided Spiritual Experience!

We were working very hard to bring our antique home up to scratch to put it up for sale.

We were having issues with the roof, and thanks to a tip from our neighbour, Paul, we decided to paint the roof with Roofkeeper, a special paint that seals and renews the color. We went from an ugly stained looking light green to a black.

In the fall of 2009, Murray started to paint the roof with the black. He was doing well, rolling it on, at a slow but steady pace. He got the gabled roof of the bathroom window painted, and then he started on the big roof. We had been directed to paint that day, no rain was in the forecast. Suddenly, a downpour hit, and Murray had to race off the roof.  We were perplexed, as the testing indicated today was a good time. However, I had not spent any time in actively warding off rain.

A few days later, I found, to my dismay, the white columns on our home were covered with black roof paint, as was the deck. The paint had washed off in the rain and ran down the side of the house, leaving it’s black traces everywhere. We washed away as much as possible. I was really let down.

The following year in July, we were ready to try again. Murray started on the smaller house, as the roof was more problematic, with possible leaks here and there. I helped him as much as I could. In fact, I found a 6 inch hole in the roof that had clearly been there for some time! I was prompted repeated to find this hole by my Inner Voice, as I had been feeling some urgency to be on the roof to protect a sweet little room we were rescuing from the trash bin, literally!

The application of the paint was a slow and very arduous process by brush and roller. I did the crown of the roof, as I could sit and not have to perch on the sloping roof. It took two long days, and we still had ¼ of the roof left to do. We had three bigger roofs to go, and I knew we were in for the long haul, unless I could persuade Murray to rent an airless paint sprayer. He was resisting this idea, as he was blocking himself due to unknown factors. For example, he thought it would take just as long since the sprayer would need to be refilled all the time.

I was sitting quietly when I was overcome with certainty from my Inner Voice that I had to insist on the sprayer. I came into our home and researched on the internet. When I saw a man quickly painting his home, I knew we had to rent the sprayer. I overcame Murray’s objections and phoned around for an airless sprayer. I found one in Derby, Vermont, just across the border in the USA. We headed into the closest largest town, Magog, on Friday, with a plan to get supplies and rent the sprayer on Saturday. The weather seemed good, with no chance of rain on Saturday and only 10% on Sunday. Then, we would have some fun that night at the outdoor concerts in Magog, blow off some steam.

I had a sudden, clear and joyful feeling that the sprayer would work out and the roof would be done in a fraction of the time.

All went well, and we were able to buy our paint. I was somewhat concerned that the new style of paint container did not mention using a airless sprayer as the old style did, but the testing indicated that it was still optimal to use the sprayer, regardless. I bought three containers, large and over $120 each. I had a hard time spending that money, as I am still fearful regarding the future of our ability to earn money, but I followed testing and bought three.
We crossed over to Vermont to rent the sprayer on Saturday at noon and keep it until Monday am, for one day rental fee. As we gave our info, the rental man looked concerned. He let us know that the border officials could give us a hard time, depending on who was on duty. Murray remarked that perhaps Phil, a friend we met at a party, would be on duty. We thought it would be possible to bring the machine across. Part of me began to worry. I wanted to rush back with the machine and see what happened at the border, and skip the lunch we planned at the near by Chinese buffet. However, I knew Murray really wanted to go to lunch, so I tested, and the testing indicated we should stick with the plan and have lunch. I groaned at this, as I was dreading the anxiety that could come from anticipation of problems but I knew I had to follow. Instead, I worked on releasing emotional issues regarding fearing the future and not being Guided.  It is all about learning to trust our Guidance, not just when it felt easy but even in difficult situations.

We enjoyed our lunch, and headed for the border. I was uneasy, but used my energy to clear the morphic field between us and the customs people, clear my fears and visualize our safe return with our rental equipment.  We pulled up to a four car line up, and noted that a fellow we had found to be a stickler for rules was on duty. Now I was uneasy, but I held my vision and kept working to clear negative beliefs.  Jus before we pulled up for our turn to report in, the border guards changed and out walked  our friend Phil to greet our car! I was astonished. Phil let us know that bringing in rental equipment was no easy matter. The government requires people to pay tax on the full original cost of the equipment, and then apply to be refunded. I looked at Phil with my jaw dropping, and he said he’s let us go this time. I felt Guided and relieved as we drove us to our home, just as in my vision.

Murray quickly got set up. The sprayer had a 50 foot hose that reached into the bucket of paint, no refilling. He was able to spray the small square left over from last weekend in a matter of minutes, so fast I was astonished. With a roller it would take hours.  Soon he was moving on to the next roof, spraying with ease and effectiveness. We watched from the ground, very pleased. This method was much easier on Murray’s joints and his feet, too.

He was going so fast we expected to run out of paint. Testing had me by three. I was confused. I phone and to my surprise, the store was open on Sunday, so I could drive the hour long trip back and forth to the town of Magog and buy more if needed.  This was good, as we should use the sprayer to the maximum while we had it.

The machine suddenly stopped working. Murray gave up and put it back in the car, yet we had the roof in the back to finish.  I felt Guided to try to resolve this problem. I researched on the internet and found out that it was most like a stuck value ball and told Murray about this. He related right away and knew just what to do.

We arose on Sunday morning to cloudy skies. This paint needed 12 hours to dry. I was really concerned that in case of rain, the same mess with running paint could happen again, but the testing indicated that we should go ahead . We must return the rental sprayer the next morning. I was filled with anxiety, but I knew that I cannot bring myself to go against Guidance, so we both took a deep breath and Murray went out to look at the machine. Before long it was running again, thanks to Murray’s skill with machines.

Up on the roof he went. As the job was finishing, the paint looked low, and I wondered why the Guidance told me NOT to go to Magog for more. I was scrapping the bottoms of the containers, and sure enough we had just enough to finish spraying the roof! No special trip to Magog was needed after all.  Murray finished the spraying and the clouds continued to gather. I directed my energy to connecting with the Earth, as I often do, sending Her my location and the request for sunny skies. All day I held off the rain in this way. Murray asked me to test and find out if we should place tarps on the roof to protect the paint from rain, and we were Guided not to do so. I felt worry, but we complied. The rain would start to fall, I would hold a vision and lift the clouds away with my Earth healing method, and the rain would then stop. We worked outside the entire day, on to another project, and each time the rain would start to fall, I would quietly work with the Earth to stop the rain. I felt Guided.  

We started to prepare the deck for staining. I had the job of cleaning off all the old white paint drips on the grey deck left by the last owners, with paint remover. Murray was working on improving some asphalt beside the house. Suddenly a brain wave hit, and I rushed to Murray, excited! We could use the airless sprayer as a high pressure washer and clean the deck! This idea felt as though it was a Guided thought, like finding the hole in the roof or insisting on renting the paint sprayer. Away we went on this new project.

By around 7:30 pm we were both exhausted I was fretting to Murray about the rain and whether it was safe to allow the rain to come, and the rain began in earnest. Murray remarked “Did you hear what the radio said?” No I retorted, he replied “The radio said let the rain come!”

As we went into the house to eat the dinner I had prepared, the rain came down gently but insistently. I was concerned, as only about 6 hours had passed, not the recommended 12, but I was able to move forward. As the night wore on, the rain continued, and I looked out the windows in distress. The next morning, all was well, the paint still on the roof, no black streaks on the white house and I was very grateful to all the energies that combined to prevent disaster. This was a deep situation, but we have had many similar ones. I would like to say that after this miracle of Guidance, I will have total confidence, but I can only say that I will work toward this goal and open myself to believe that fear is the stranger here, that we are truly Guided all the days of my life.

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