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 How the Ego Influences the Inner Child Minimize

The baby child is born into the world, bringing fears and hopes from the past.

The mind of the child is more open to the Truth of Who She Is before aging, and the effect of school hits.

The child is in a constant state of hypnosis and makes many faulty judgments about the world and her place in it.

Trauma hits the child, but the trauma is not random. The ego (or part that is perceived to be separate from God) induces these traumas in order to get the attention of the child. Trauma can also be brought forward from past lives, increasing the impact of the ego’s ability to frighten and control the child.

The child is closed off from the Energy of God due to the “tiny mad idea” (concepts from A Course in Miracles) she could be separated from God and in a body. The ego offers a hand to the child, to lead the child to “safety” away from the fears of the world. But the ego is the fear of the world. The child is lead away from her inner Knowing to a world of fear and tortured mental thoughts.

The child is lead further from God and into the fear.

There are few places of safety in this society where children are taught to deal with the trauma that befalls them, or to cope with emotions. To seek help is still considered to be weak. Most parents are not taught how to parent, and can make the same mistakes with their children as their parents, and society becomes less loving and more violent. Busy parents have no time to rear children as they cope with work and the tasks of managing a home. Schools do a very poor job in trying to replace the parent, a role that simply cannot be replaced by any group.

The Inner child is left in turmoil to fend for itself in a very confusing society.  The child grows into a bigger body, but in many cases, the child is still very much a child inside an adult body. Illness, poor mental health and anguish are the result of the lost child never truly finding her way back home to God and the Higher Self for Guidance.

The Inner Child of the adult is still trying to analyze the society and her place in it, but on a very weak foundation during the time she was a real child and made so many faulty assumptions on the basis of fear without turning to her God Knowing. She often blames herself when no blame is hers. The child needs to find a way to stay safe, and if she blames herself, the world seems under her control. How can a child feel safe if she projects the blame out into the world where it needs to be? Then the child falls deeper into fear, as the world is a BAD place and there is no one to rely on.

In my work with the Master Control System (MSC), I understand that the child has built up a backlog of energetic mind patterns and information faults that maintain fear. Using the system, this backlog is rationalized and released, healing the fear and strengthening the MCS ability to connect with God and the Higher Self for Guidance.

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