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 Smart Ways to Avoid the Flu and Colds For Your Entire Life! Minimize

 Smart Ways to Avoid the Flu and Colds For Your Entire Life!  


 1.  Use modulation of your Master Control System to make your system aware of and vigilante for infection in your environment. Modulation of your control system is the most effective method to protect you from these infections.


2.   Check your diet. Reduce and eliminate white foods, especially sugar of all types, including all sweeteners with the exception of super sweet stevia, as it actually healthy .  Many people are allergic to wheat, so try elimination for a time to see how you feel. NEVER drink pop of any kind. Avoid processed foods. Eat as much raw food as possible, cook food from its natural state. Drink filtered water.


3.  Clean out your system! There are many good herbal products that cleanse your colon. I have used Dr Natura with great success. ( I have no financial benefit)  Environmental groups are testing our children and the political leaders and finding toxins in their systems.


4. Reduce alcohol, as alcohol impairs your immune system. Try a glass of dry red wine per day.


5.  Avoid antibiotics when possible; use natural products like oil of oregano. Take extra Vitamin C daily, take supplements to boost your immune system. Investigate the powerful healing of MMS ( ( I have no financial benefit) but take care, as the detoxification can be very difficult. Do your careful study and go very slowly. I recommend a colon cleanse first.


6. 5000IU of vitamin D3 is now recommended by doctors, as the many in our population is deficient in this important vitamin. Natural, controlled doses of sunlight are not harmful, but vital to our health!


7. Use a strong probiotic. I have used and recommended Threelac to my family and my clients since 2003. (


8. Rectal insufflation of ozone has been proven in Cuba and in other countries for more than 20 years  to improve immune system response and increase stem cell (repair) activities.


9.  Wash your hands often and well.

10. Rest and sleep.


11. Reduce stress through resolution of personal issues and resolve haunting memories from the past.


12. Exercise every day, even 10 minutes helps blood circulation and health.


13. Share love and hugs. Forgive yourself and your family and friends.


14. Most of all, build your connection to the Source of Creation and reduce fear. We are always loved and guided. We need to open ourselves to this Guidance. Now is the time to find ways to express this love in your own heart. I found my answers in A Course in Miracles

Please feel free to pass along this list to those you care about, with credit to the author

Deborah A Frenette,  Rev.,C H., NMT email


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