All About Rev. Deborah A. Frenette, C Ht., NMT

Rev. Deborah Frenette is a “laying on of hands” Reverend, ordained by the Lively Stones World Healing Fellowship, a Practitioner of the Natural Control Method (NCM) with NeuroModulation Technique (NMT), a Certified Hypnotist, an Author, an Animal Communicator with a special love of Dolphins, and a teacher of a Course in Miracles.  Deborah and Murray’s volunteer work in Cuba has great significance for all MCM/NMT clients and perhaps for the whole of humanity!

You are invited to visit our site and are welcome to spend time learning about Deborah’s main interests: Group NCM/NMT, Group NCM/NMT for A Course In Miracles Students, Group NCM/NMT for CHILDREN, NCM/NMTsessions one on one, Animal Communication and all of the love centered activities that keep Deborah focused and her mind and heart full of Spiritual Guidance, devotion to her craft of  NCM/NMT and healing.