Communication and Healing Animals Through Pendulum Testing Response and NMT

Rapid and Effective Results with Animals!

By Deborah A Frenette

Dolphins were the catalyst for a major change in 1996. These mammals taught Murray and I  that it was possible to communicate with them through telepathic impressions. This realization expanded our awareness and helped us to reach out to other types of animals with amazing results and satisfying communications.

This success in animal communication, allowed me, as NMT practitioner, to open to the concept of applying NMT principals to animals. The results were highly effective. Animals have taught us so many lessons in healing. The power of their minds (their ACS) to heal shows humankind what is possible when the resistance and erroneous beliefs about health and healing are not present.

Felix almost died again; he was on his leash in the backyard when his “former friend”, the cat across the road, came by and beat him up! The cat’s home life changed when the family dog died and a new dog was brought in within a few days. We surmise that this upset the cat.   

I ran out in our yard where Felix was leashed and stopped the fight, and then I walked him back to the house. I noted that he was having trouble walking, had a bit of a limp, but seemed okay. He joined us for dinner, fish, his very favorite, and only had a few bites. I knew something was wrong when he actually left the room before he finished eating his little scraps of fish. Later, I found him on his chair upstairs. He tried to jump down to come into the bathroom and have a little water, but he was not able to control his body. Felix drank water, and then he could not jump back on to the chair. I lifted him up to his place on the chair,  and then he stopped moving after that. He was hot, feverish, his shoulder area was swollen and he looked dazed. I was up often in the night, doing my healing with him, NMT. I tried to give him water, but he wouldn’t drink. I worked hard all night, getting up and sitting beside him.
The next morning he was not much better, and I was really worried, but I had confidence that he was going to be a survivor, as he has survived before many times with NMT intervention, without the vet or pills. I gave him a few treats and he ate those.
By noon the next day, he was up and limping around. I could see that he had been bitten in two places, his hind leg and his shoulder. I let him back outside. He was back to normal in 48 hours!

I lived with fear many times as I worked hard to pull my beloved cat back from the jaws of death after his fights with other animals. Many times I have been afraid and desperately wanted to take him to the vet, as in the past, to be injected with drugs. However, the testing I use to question his subconsicous mind (his ACS) indicated “no” to the vet and I respected this direction. And Felix’s ACS was RIGHT! He did survive…
Felix always reminds me how well NMT works for animals, and that with the correct understanding and conditions, that people will heal just as well!

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