Cuban Project Overview

NeuroModulation Technique: Our Project in Cuba

Extending A Helping Hand and a Project is Born:

This project began informally during a two week vacation with my now  late husband Murray in the fall of 2004, in the mountainous, remote area of Pilón, Province of Granma, Cuba. A dear Cuban friend, a server in the hotel in which we stayed, complained to us about the long standing pain in her stomach. She was not aware that I could help with the pain. So I rolled my eyes at Murray, and offered to work on my vacation to help her. I briefly explained the healthcare technique I offer in Canada, called NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) a scientifically based healthcare technique. She was open to this help, and to my astonishment, her pain resolved immediately. Encouraged by this rapid result, I offered help to other local Cuban friends and found they too resolved their presenting health issue with the modulation of their own healing system, the Natural Control System with astonishing and rapid healing, and with only one or a few NMT sessions.

Although we are not religious or connected to any group, we take direction from our Spiritual Guidance. This Guidance, much to our surprise, led us back to the same area for an extended three-month stay in November 2005 to February 2006, and a second stay from November 2006 to February 2007. During this time, I established connections with and worked with the local Cuban doctors and volunteered my time to work with over 100 Cuban people. These outstanding results are documented by my clinical notes, observations by Cuban doctors and by an informal DVD record.

Of course, I do obtain results in my small healing business here in Canada, or it would not exist nor would I receive doctor referrals. However, the Cubans responded with far greater healing and repair abilities than I have ever seen. Details are available in the newsletters posted to this site. Below are a few examples of the effective healing of NMT in Cuba. Please click on the newsletter link for more details.

Baby Onay a one year old boy, and a surviving twin suffered spinal damage as his dead twin sister lay on him in the womb for thirty days.

Leandio, an 18 year old male, was suddenly struck with loss of speech, then facial paralysis, and as his illness progressed, with paralysis on the right side.

Santa, a fifty year old woman whose leg was amputated mid-thigh due to polio, suffered with chronic pain and depression.

Margarita, a seventy year old grandmother, suffered from a hardened pancreas, blood clot in her heart, hardened arteries, blood pressure fluctuations, a blocked urinary system and was jaundiced.

NMT No Longer Allowed And Withdrawn From The People

In January, 2007, despite assurances from the Cuban authorities in Canada, I was disallowed by the local immigration authorities in Manzanillo and forced to stop practicing NMT in Cuba. The immigration authorities let us know they received a phone call of complaint about our lack of the proper work visa, without spelling out the details. The importance of finding a Canadian project to partner with us has really been made clear to us now!

After I signed my agreement to stop all such NMT activities, we were permitted to return to our adopted Cuban family home and finish our visit there. Through discussions with the local people, we found that we had been targeted by a powerful North American church trying to establish in the area. This church frowns on healing, and despite the fact that NMT more suited to a hospital setting, we believe that the successes with NMT created a perceived threat to the recruitment for this church. We were advised by the local immigration authorities that we required certain immigration papers to continue.

We were Guided to return to Cuba the following year in spite of the ban on NMT. My efforts while in Canada to obtain the visa needed to continue to work with the doctors in Pilón proved fruitless and the visa was not forthcoming. We returned to the low cost hotel during December, 2007 and planned to apply for another stay with our adopted Cuban family.

Deported From Cuba

In January, 2008, we prepared to move from the hotel to once again legally live with our “adopted” Cuban family. We were stopped by local immigration and ordered to leave the country with no reasonable explanation after applying for, paying fees and receiving the correct visa for this stay. We were devastated by this turn of events, and despite efforts, we were unable to stop this “deportation”. We were required to pay our own way back, as our return flight was paid for and scheduled for late March, 2008.

Welcomed in Havana

In March, 2008 we were directed by our Spiritual Guidance to return to Cuba, via Havana. Only our confidence in our Guidance and our devotion to the Cuban people and this project motivated our return. This journey back to Cuba was one of the most daring and intimidating action I have ever taken!

We arrived in Havana and were waived through immigration without a catch, very easily. This proved to both of us that the problem was the local immigration authorities in Manzanillo and nothing we had done; personal conflict stirred by the church had taken precedent over the laws of Cuba.

We visited the El Centro Nacional para el Desarrollo de la Medicina Tradicional y Natural (CENAMENT) within days of our arrival in Havana, and I was amazed to find that the doctors there had the papers I submitted via the Cuban Consulate in Toronto, and they knew who I was! These doctors met with us when we dropped in on Friday, and arranged a meeting on Monday morning, despite their busy schedules.

The staff at CENAMENT are very interested and excited by the possibility of working with us to bring NMT to Cuba.

We agreed that the CENAMENT staff would write a letter to the immigration office to assist in the process of obtaining our correct papers for working with the doctors. They agreed that a scientific study of NMT would be one long term goal. It was suggested that we could start with a sharing of information about the alternative techniques of both parties. I suggested that in that same trip, I could demonstrate NMT with the Cuban people.

Dra. Martha Perez explained our predicament. CENAMENT is a national organization and therefore desires to communicate with another organization regarding this project, not with individuals. I explained that the work of NMT is done mainly by trained health care practitioners, mainly individuals. NMT has no central institution. She suggested we would require a hosting institution.

A visit to the Central Immigration in Havana confirmed to us that the Manzanillo officials had “made a mistake” and had no grounds to force us to leave Cuba. We were assured that we would no longer have problems.

Current Status in 2009 

The Cuban government needs this project to be connected to an organization with which it will refer and interface. We see this connection as a way for the official government to interface with an organization rather than individuals. At this time, we see the role of the organization as one of communication, mainly in name only at this time, like a silent partner. We are positioned to return in the spring of 2009 to continue the work, and it is very important to carry through in order to maintain momentum; this will be the fifth year. Doctors in the Cuba are often sent to other countries, so keeping contact with people aware of the project can be challenging!

I believe that with support from caring people in North America, we will be enabled to continue to bring NMT to Cuba. The desired result of our determination and hard work will be to train doctors and other health care practitioners in Cuba to perform NMT. Due to the strength and excellent educational system in this small but powerful country, Cuba is in the position to send doctors worldwide. Cuba currently trades doctors for commodities in many countries, such as Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, the Caribbean and other countries. Extensive healing without drugs, surgery or other costly medical interventions are already obtained with the powerful healing of NMT. Our collective imagination is challenged with the vision of Cuban doctors fanning out from this small island trained in the awesome power of NMT!

Your support, both networking concepts and funding for this worthy project are very much appreciated!

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