Mind Over Body Health and Children

Mind Over Body Health and Children

People of all ages improve and thrive once their systems are working with them, through modulation of their own Natural Control System (NCS)and with the positive suggestions of Hypnotherapy. Children’s young minds are open to these different methods of healing. Children have fewer preconceived notions of how we heal and therefore are able to allow their systems to listen and comply, without having to overcome as much resistance and beliefs about how the body works and heals, even as the adults around them are burdened with outmoded beliefs.

Children living with autism have been proving to me just how much improvement can be made with modulation of their systems since 2003.

Children with allergies to foods and to their environment recover with modulation of their NCS.

Children with infections can finally recover.

Children with trauma, fears and phobias are freed from these conditions with the modulation of their NCS.

Children with cancer, with the modulation of their NCS, can correct conditions and errors in their systems that can lead to remission.

Testimonials and Cases with Children:

A family I worked with found relief. The mother of a 15 year old teen boy with autism discovered that after several of his sessions, she was able to leave the house alone without striking terror into her son’s heart. Before his sessions, he would scream in horror the entire time she was gone. The father had to shut all the windows in order to avoid disturbing the peace in the neighborhood. He stayed calm with his father, even while his mom left the house!

An experience that astounded me has to do with my children and actually stems from treatment of myself. Our children are so connected to us that they experience and feel everything we feel and experience, even if it isn’t obvious. I have one son who was on the spectrum and had PANDAS at one time (he’s mostly healed now, but has a few lingering things to resolve) and he has always been less affectionate than our other son, who tends to be overly affectionate. Right from birth, he pushed away from us, he never liked a lot of touch, which I could relate to actually, because neither have I! After a session to address this, which was brought up in my session by Deborah entirely, not by me, I saw immediate changes in my son (as well as myself). While I was still on the call with Deborah, he came into the room (unlike him) and hugged me unprompted (also unlike him!). Talk about a sign! Since this session, he has astonished me time and time again, with random unprompted hugs and kisses. And it’s not like he was completely unaffectionate, but he was rarely the initiator, unless there was a reason…ie.-he needed or wanted something, lol. Now, I am receiving this affection randomly which shows a significant change in his sensory and core interpretations of his surroundings. Our other son who is younger and is not on the spectrum, but has quirks, was effected too, although it was more subtle. He has been our overly affectionate one, always hugging and kissing us, which we love, but we also recognize there was a touch of neediness in the behaviours. This insecurity was always more noticeable when we were out in public walking around with him. He would freak out if he fell behind by a step or two, yelling, WAIT UP, in a panicked tone. It’s as if he thought we would leave him behind, so he would grab one of our hands tightly and not let go. It wasn’t until we were in a public situation following our session with Deborah that I actually realized how he was impacted by this session. I noticed he was walking behind us by 5 or more steps without yelling. I even got nervous a few times, because I thought I lost him, purely because he was so quiet walking behind us! Not once did he yell for us to wait for him while we were walking. This is so profound for him, because we have never been able to walk in front of him like this, not since he began walking 7 years ago! When we heal ourselves, our children heal too. When they heal, we heal. We are all connected

Jessica Galligani

Trystan speaks about the relief he found with the modulation of his natural control system and the healing of his many allergies, including a life threatening peanut allergy. His response is unscripted and comes from his own experience. I thought he does well for an 8 year old! Allergies contribute to autism and are a very critical part of recovery of the autistic child. Please share if you are aware of a child with allergies there is no longer any need to live in fear. Trystan’s allergies sessions were preformed while he was in Alberta, and I was in Quebec, and we met over Skype!

My son – Robert is now 26 month old. He had serious problems with his allergies since he was born. He was a very nervous and cranky kid. I breast feed him for 11 month and I had to be on diet for his allergy. After switching to solid food it was more difficult. He had only 5 items in his diet (brown rice, broccoli, cauliflower, chicken and pear) for almost a year and a half till we met Deborah. After the first session Robert change his behavior drastically. He became happier, more independent from me and the biggest thing was his reaction to food. We start give him dairy products, eggs, fruits and there was no reaction. This is such a big relief for us. I thank Deborah for her help and support!!!!

Oxana, Toronto ON


Your Child’s Own Natural Control System can be corrected for improved functioning


Study Promises New Hope for Children with Autism



January 22, 2014

Stanstead, Quebec

A multi-site research study utilizing a novel, gentle, non-invasive treatment for autism has shown promising results. NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) was found to be a promising intervention for autism, demonstrating significant reductions in maladaptive behaviors and significant increases in adaptive behaviors in the children who participated in the study.

After receiving NMT sessions twice a week for 6 weeks, children in the study demonstrated improved mood, speech, language and social awareness as well as a decrease in irritability and repetitive behaviors.

Dallas clinical psychologist Robert H. Weiner, Ph.D. was the principal investigator and lead researcher of the study, which has been published in the January 2014 issue of EXPLORE: The Journal of Science and Healing, a peer-reviewed journal addressing the scientific principles and applications of evidence-based healing practices from a wide variety of sources.

Typically, traditional treatments for autism tend to produce slow, incremental results. By providing a therapy which produces rapid results, NMT provides parents of children with autism a cost-effective, stand-alone treatment. NMT can be used in conjunction with other therapies a child may be receiving.

The results achieved in this scientifically based study were obtained after a total treatment time of just over 9 hours per child. By comparison, 9 hours is equivalent to only 2 or 3 days of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), the current “gold standard” for autism treatment. ABA can require one-on-one intensive training between 13 – 30 hours per week for as long as 1 – 3 years and can cost as much as $60,000 per year. Lifetime costs for a person diagnosed with autism are estimated to run between $1.4 to $2.3 million.

One mother whose child participated in the study remarked, “Before the NMT Autism Study, my son had an extremely difficult time keeping a calm body for any length of time. Now he can sit through his preschool’s 40-minute circle time with 0-2 reminders on most days. He is doing better sitting properly at the dinner table and also in the shopping cart at the market. He still has some issues waiting in line at school, but we’ve even seen some improvement there as well.”

“With NeuroModulation Technique, parents now have access to a new, rapid, affordable approach effective in increasing their children’s adaptive behaviors to meet the challenges of today’s fast-paced society,” says Dr. Weiner. “Also, parents who choose to do so can learn to do NMT themselves and use it to treat their children’s autism as well as other conditions such as allergies or sensitivities that may be present.”

Autism is a neurological disorder said to affect several million children in the USA.

Children with autism spectrum disorders struggle with social interactions and communicating with others, and they often display restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior.

The number of children diagnosed with autism has risen dramatically, with two percent of children in the United States aged 6 to 17 being diagnosed with the condition in 2011-2012. This translates to 1 in 50 children, a 72% increase in the diagnosis just since 2007 when a similar report determined a rate of 1 in 88 children.


A family I worked with found relief. The mother of a 15 year old teen boy with autism discovered that after several of his sessions, she was able to leave the house alone without striking terror into her son’s heart. Before his sessions, he would scream in horror the entire time she was gone. The father had to shut all the windows in order to avoid disturbing the peace in the neighborhood. He stayed calm with his father, even while his mom left the house!

Deborah A Frenette, Rev., CH, NMT



Robert H. Weiner, Ph.D., Principal Investigator

8499 Greenville Ave. Suite 106

Dallas, TX 75231-2418



Journal article link: www.explorejournal.com/article/S1550-8307%2813%2900301-7

The article is also available here: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1550830713003017

Parent testimonials: www.mind-bodywellnesscenter.org/dr-weiners-autism-research-study/parent-testimonials/

For more information about NMT: http://nmt.md/

NCM with NMT is a system of healing that will enable the practitioner to relieve conditions normally unresolved by traditional methods. The NCM with NMT method is based on generally recognized principles of hypnosis, intuition, spirituality, neurophysiology, physiology, linguistics, and anatomy. NCM/NMT is a system of healthcare based upon a method of direct communication with the Natural Control System (NCS) of the client through muscle response testing using verbal and/or non-verbal questions and statements. The NCS is then adjusted with a combination of verbal and/or non-verbal corrective commands and statements NCM/NMT makes no claims to diagnose cure or prevent any disease. There is no guarantee that this technique will eliminate all of the client’s symptoms although it is known to be effective since 2002. Negative side effects from the technique have not yet been documented.

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