My NMT Sessions

How are my NMT (NeuroModulation Technique) Treatments  Performed?

NMT sessions  are safe, gentle, and effective. Each step of the NMT correction involves finding Autonomic Control System (ACS) faults, delivering the appropriate “query/ correction” script, and tapping. This tapping allows the ACS to focus on the command and make the necessary correction.  The client is asked to perform a patterned breathing cycle and a series of taps, resetting the ACS  (your bio-computer) for optimal health. The patterned breathing creates energy and focus for the needed shift. 

 We “talk your ACS into good health”, if you will!

 Am I A Good Candidate For NMT Health Care?

Because NMT is non-invasive, non-forceful, and completely painless everyone may potentially benefit from NMT.  People from every age group will benefit from this gentle treatment.

Is NMT Compatible with the care my medical doctor provides?

NMT care does not require you to discontinue any care your medical doctor is providing, nor does it conflict with medical care. Your medical doctor will always be an important member of your health care team.

When Will My NMT Protocol Be Over?

After you have been examined, your practitioner will advise you of the problems revealed by your NMT examination. Within a 6 to 12 visits, we will reassess your level of improvement and decide if NMT is helping you achieve your goals for your health and well being that were discussed in your first session.  NMT is most effective when a good level of commitment is made to your sessions.  People who have not responded to many months, or years of other types of treatment often can achieve excellent clinical responses with NMT in a matter of a few weeks, or months, depending on the health issue.

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