Rev. Deborah A Frenette, NMT Practitioner

Rev. Deborah A Frenette is an Advanced Level NeuroModulation Technique Practitioner. She attended the first training sessions in Portland, Oregon in 2002 and has been practicing NMT since then. In November 2003, Rev.Deborah upgraded at the first advanced training offered there. From 2003 to 2009, Rev.Deborah returned to Oregon to meet with her peers and keep her skills sharpened.

Rev.Deborah took part in the yearly symposium, updating her training and making presentations on her findings and her practice on a yearly basis. For Rev.Deborah, it was the highest honour to be chosen to present to her peers at this event. She has the esteemed record of making a presentation for every symposium since the gathering began in 2003 to 2009, a total of six well received presentations and papers. 
Her papers are available on this site under Publications.

Rev.Deborah still continues to keep her skills up to date by research and Spiritual Guidance in the Master Control Method. She keeps up with the NMT communication emails daily.  To Rev. Deborah, the most vital part of her work is to offer the cutting edge in effectiveness and caring to her international clients. Rev. Deborah A Frenette, C.Ht. NMT.