The Spanish Flu of 1918: The “Greatest Medical Holocaust in History”

A sign that states: Careless Spitting, Coughing, Sneezing Spread Influenza and Tuberculosis.


The Spanish Flu of 1918: The “Greatest Medical Holocaust in History

In the winter of 2010, I discovered the first global epidemic of flu. The documentary broadcast by Vermont Public TV American Experience: Influenza 1918 opened my eyes and confirmed my belief that the modulation of our natural control system of health, and a very strong immune system is always the very best method of protection against all illness, especially against flu of all types.

As I watched this documentary I realized, in a jolt from my intuition, that vaccines may not ever be effective in helping people avoid any type of illness.

This 1918 flu, called the Spanish Flu, so named, not because it started in Spain, but as Spain was the only country that allowed media to report on the flu. The Spanish flu was described as “the greatest medical holocaust in history” and may have killed more people than the Black Death. An estimated 50 million people, about 3% of the world’s population (1.6 billion at the time), died of the disease. 500 million or 1/3 were infected. This information was new to me, and I felt it was significant. This flu was also called the “forgotten pandemic” as there was little media reporting.

The people of 1918 felt as though this flu was the end of life as they had known it. The flu destroyed whole families and made people very fearful of each other, avoiding touching each other and gathering in public. Violence broke out, and fear ruled. Coffins were in short supply and bodies in wooden boxes piled up at the undertaker’s offices.
Doctors were powerless against this flu, and rather than helping people recover, the attempts to prepare vaccines only made the situation worse. People started to make their own remedies from kerosene. A 12 year old (still alive to tell his story for this documentary) was told by his doctor “get on the waiting list for a casket”.

The flu hit the youngest the hardest, due to cytokine storms, or out of control immune system responses, a response that turned the immune system against the body it was meant to protect. The youngest had the strongest immune response and therefore suffered the strongest immune system attack.

The flu did the most damage in October, and by November the flu was over. The reason that the flu ended according to this documentary was that “the flu ran out of people to kill”. Those with immunity to the flu did not succumb, and the virus was believed to have died out. Since then, science confirms that all modern day flu strains may have started with the Spanish Flu. They believe that this flu jumped from birds to humans and then to pigs.

This concept of the flu running out of people to kill brings me to the point of this article. Although I NEVER advise people to avoid their doctor, as your doctor is an important member of your health care team, it is true that vaccines have a very limited period of effectiveness, as the infectious agent that causes any flu has the ability to mutate and avoid the action of the vaccine. This is a generally known scientific fact.

The most effective method of protection against any type of illness or disease is through the efficient and correct action of the immune system. This can be accomplished with the modulation of the master system of health, a system that is inborn. Recovery of health always comes from this system, so it seems to make sense that the efficient operation of our system becomes a priority. Over the last eleven years, my training in hypnosis, in several different informational medicine techniques, and then in NeuroModulation Technique has really made this clear. Modulation of my system has netted my own health recovery and had resulted in much improved immune system defenses, rather than illness from a self attack immune system. this is one of the most effective way to a strong immunity in combination with making healthy food choices, avoiding antibiotics, proper rest, vitamins when needed, sun, exercise and more.

Cytokine storms that are controlled by the proper functioning of an immune system are as a result of this system having the health of the body as its priority. A trained and strong immune system is the most reliable way of protection against any incoming infection at any age.

The smooth operation if my own natural control system is now of prime importance to me. No longer must I be a victim of the latest illness that makes its rounds. I now enjoy protection from illness through an immune system that works with me and not against me. This protection is assured with my control system’s strong connection to the Universal One Mind, or the Source of Creation.
Find out how your natural control system can be repaired and remodeled for your protection and health, now and for all the days of your life here on Earth.

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