I came to Deborah after a diagnosis of breast cancer. After one session, I realized that this was exactly what my body needed for healing of that condition. 2 years later I am feeling healthy and happy, with no signs of illness, and without chemo or radiation. I am convinced that my body has the ability to heal itself, and NMT has helped me address the physical and emotional issues so deeply involved in disease. L.B., ND, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Toronto, Ontario
L.B., ND, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Toronto, Ontario
Deborah, My overall health has improved significantly (with the sessions of NCM/NMT) . Foot neuropathy decreased. Thanks. In HIS service,
Jerry E.
Frenette has made significant and lasting impact over many years to my physical and psychological well being; through her masterful and creative use of NMT. Allow Deborah to lead you to optimal health!"
A Keywan
Toronto ON
I had been searching for a set of keys for our car, and I was just leaning over and moving a piece of furniture when I felt my lower back pop. I could barely stand up straight and had a lot of pain and pressure in my lower back. Deborah spent less than a half hour doing her healing technique with me. Afterwards, I definitely felt better, but not nearly 100 percent. Before the healing, I wasn't even sure I would be able to get out of bed the next morning and was only able to move around at all with 3 Advil in me. The next morning I awoke, and was absolutely amazed to feel 95 percent back to normal.

Deborah's method is not intrusive and, frankly, amazing. I highly recommend it and feel fortunate she was around when I needed her. Thank you, Deborah!
Connie K.
Costa Rica
Deborah has a warm and inviting spirit that immediately puts you at rest when you meet her. I was initially skeptical about the effectiveness of hypnosis but decided to give it a try, and it proved to be a very helpful method where other traditional medical practices had failed. I found the nature of a hypnosis session to be akin to a guided meditation, relaxing the body and mind and directing the subconscious to detect problems and heal them itself. I left sessions feeling energized and uplifted, and the health benefits compounded over multiple sessions. I would highly recommend Deborah's services to others who are experiencing any kind of emotional or physical issues. Her bright spirit coupled with her extensive knowledge result in a beneficial and lovely experience.
Cornwall, ON
I began seeing Deborah in October, 2002 after I had developed a heart problem. I had been off work for a couple of months because of increased heart rate, chest pains and repeated heart palpitations. Deborah had then began using NMT in her practice, and I couldn't believe the difference!!! Within only a couple of visits I noticed a considerable improvement in my heart rate, and the chest pains were gone! I had been to other practitioners who used different methods; which were at times effective but nowhere near as rapid or as efficient as NMT. I would strongly recommend NMT as for those who want very quick, permanent results!!
A. Smith
Toronto ON
Dear Deborah, I felt that I should let you know how I have got on in the few days since receiving your treatment at the Learning Annex event at the Holiday Inn last Saturday. I was your 10am appointment suffering from a collapsing feeling in the windpipe/solar plexus. A problem which has plagued me for about two years and had got steadily worse in the last few months. Well, after a very short 'turn' on Saturday evening I have yet to feel a recurrence which is quite a novelty. I expected to be, and was, very tired after my two treatments that day and remained very tired all Sunday. If this continues I will be so relieved. I certainly believe something positive occurred on Saturday. I have already recommended you to a professional colleague of mine and I hope she will be in touch with you soon. I am especially grateful that you continued to complete your treatment process on me even when this meant going over my 'time' allotted and just before your seminar talk. Thank you once again. If anything else crops up, hopefully not, I will be in touch.
John W
Toronto ON
Dear Deborah, I want to thank you for the diligent and caring work you have done over the years with my family and also with my 2 cats. I never imagined that I could use your expertise for my pets until i found myself desperate with a sick cat who would not return home on day in the summer of 2006. I had been worried about letting her out because she had been sick and when she had not returned in the evening I was beside myself. I send you an urgent message and you responded right away telling me she was in my neighbour’s back yard and was recovering but would come home if it would make me feel better. I asked you to tell her to come home and she was at my door within minutes. Then we preceded to cure that ailment and since then I have you have been a great support in better understanding my pets and whenever physical issue arise like the fleas this fall. I feel your work with them is invaluable. Thank you and wishing you continuing success
Alessandra Morassutti
Toronto ON
Some months ago my eyes were red from inflammation. It felt like something was in my eyes. They stung and watered excessively and eventually throughout the whole day. The condition was diagnosed as blepharitis, a form of dry eye. In spite of an antibiotic salve and washing the eye with a mixture of baby shampoo and water, as instructed my M.D. eye specialist, there was no improvement. I am happy to say that three of your treatments brought relief (P.T.O.) My eyes are back to normal and have remanded that way since the last treatment two months ago. I have also been very pleased with your other treatments including the excellent results obtained on the emotional matters worked on. Thank you Deborah. I look forward to further treatments and healing. God Bless.
Katherine P.
Toronto ON
NeuroModulation Technique has done so much for me, in a specific area as my hormones, it was greatly successful. I was told that my reoccurring cyst on my left ovary would have to be removed if it didn't shrink down below 1 cm. When my concern was shared with you and you continued to treat it with N.M.T. I was under repeated internal ultrasounds to monitor its status. After 6-7 sessions with you I went in to have it checked again and maybe removed that day. The specialist did the ultrasound himself and said, “You’re clear, its gone.” I was so happy, and said to myself that yes, it was all the sessions focusing on the clearing of the cyst. For all the areas that we treat with N.M.T. I have been very pleased and have found that it has been very helpful and pleasing results occur. You have been a positive influence in my health and huge sharing of your knowledge to bring the body, mind and spirit into balance have been so wonderful. A big thank you blessing
Susee Padias
I am a student of A Course in Miracles. I got Deborah Frenette’s name from their list of approved practitioners because I was having difficulty in permitting the Holy Spirit to guide me to the truth regarding some personal and family issues I was experiencing. I felt that I was caught in the ego’s trap and needed some help to let my decision maker choose the Holy Spirit instead. Deborah and MCM/NMT were a wonderful help in helping me to free up my pathways and unblock my mind making it more receptive to the Holy Spirit. After several sessions with Deborah I could feel my energy levels increasing and my spiritual pathways unblocking. Deborah is a kind and gentle person who guided me through the process in a loving and understanding way. She also provided me with techniques to use on my own like tapping and breathing to help reach and influence my decision maker. Tap and Breathing is so valuable that I still practice it on a daily basis. I highly recommend Deborah Frenette to any Course in Miracles student or anyone else for that matter.
Jerry Briffa
Kentucky, USA
I have known Deborah since 2002. Since that time, I have sent my immediate family to Deborah’s office for this non-invasive, scientifically based technique. My children have benefited from NMT, as has my mother and father. We are pleased with our results and continue to rely on Deborah’s assistance to solve stubborn health issues, such as allergies, infections, fears and phobias. I have been referring my patients to Deborah for several years, and find that health issues that have not responded to other interventions improve or resolve with NMT.
Virginia Martin, N.D.
Toronto ON
In my very first hypnosis session, I was able to release anger at some very traumatic events that have been unresolved for decades and come to terms with these events. I feel more peace.
Toronto ON
For 8 years, an allergy to strawberries starting at age 17 made my throat close up and get tingly. I was very anxious to do the session and then to eat a strawberry, but she made me feel very at ease and relaxed. After one session, I no longer reacted and I have been enjoying them ever since!
Toronto ON
Initially, I started treatment for my fibromyalgia and arthritis using the JMT technique. Before this, I had tried a lot of other methods, like conventional medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc. After 17 JMT treatments, I was much improved. However, after just a few NMT treatments, I have noticed the relief is much quicker. After just three or four NMT treatments, several long-standing problems have either disappeared or are better- less pain.
Rita Ozols
Toronto ON
Since the beginning of this year I had been having difficulty focusing on my work and being productive. After several months, this escalated causing stress and negative energy, only worsening the problem. Having an N.M.T session with Deborah a couple times helped to alleviate this issue for me. I noticed improvement in my attitude and train of thought after our first session. Over time, the problem seemed to take care of itself. It was a gradual but dramatic change back to my old self! I have been aggressively tackling my work as a real estate agent with that same desire from last year. Thanks Deborah!
Toronto, Ontario
I was introduced to Deborah by a friend that saw an advertisement about Hypnotism being offered at the Serenity Spa. I instinctively knew that this would be a good way to help me with my lifetime struggle of losing weight. All my life, I was a yoyo dieter. Now I can proudly say that I am in control of my healthy eating and that I do not feel deprived.

Also, I always wanted to communicate with spirit and my higher self but, I always doubted my answers. I mentioned this to Deborah and she focused healing on this with NMT in my hypnosis sessions. Her methods helped me to release trauma from my past that blocked me from these goals. Presently, I have a stronger way of communicating with my higher self that is no longer putting doubts in my head.

My faith in God was faded, but with Deborah’s healings, I have stronger faith and I am not mad at God anymore, and feel that I belong on earth now and want to live.

After every session, I feel uplifted, happier, relaxed and I looked forward to my next one. I want to truly thank you, Deborah, for everything that you have done for me.
Lucie Lalonde
Cornwall, ON
An interesting thing happened.... I went to a funeral... and of course that was very sad. However, I had no reactions to anything such as I would have before. I didn't wear my gloves. I touched people and let them touch me, held hands with some people, shook hands with some. I cheek kissed people with my face in their hair product, perfumes and aftershave (just the week earlier I had a visit from my grandchild and another baby, they kissed me and slobbered on me and it burned me where the moisture touched my skin) The flowers didn't bother me. I think that the problems with odors and touching are gone. I just did this spontaneously. I didn't think about it...just did it... my daughter was with me, and in obvious distress having seen first hand how I react to things that I am allergic to. My sons and my husband stood back and watched in amazement. I think that it is a miracle in two ways. One because the reactions didn't happen and since then I have done more experiments smelling flowers and other odours, going to the Bay and smelling and touching the perfume bottles. And two because I have been hugging and kissing people. This is a big change in my behavior... in all my life. I have not allowed any one to hug or kiss me for affectionate reasons except my husband and kids, and after they grew up not even them. I feel lighter and more buoyant. And oh yes ... the other day I was shopping and all of sudden I felt my feet. It was the 1st time since just before I started seeing you. They still get too cold to feel but now there are times when they feel normal. Right now my feet are burning. They will be feeling normal in a little while. I am having reactions to food still though. I am still limited in how much yogurt I am able to eat, but I can touch food and handle it to cook for others again. I have been to the grocery store and stood right next to the lilies that caused me huge shock reactions. No reaction happened at all. My grandson was here yesterday and he was eating. I picked him up before he was cleaned up and he got goo all over my face and hands along with slobber, no burning or reactions to it. I feel more confidence that I will be able to eat without reactions again since this happened Thank you for helping me.
P Graham
Toronto ON
I have now had 14 treatments of NMT. I have been ill for over 15 years. My problems ranged from constant digestive upset, weight loss, foods reactions to recurrent bladder and feminine infections. Other alternatives helped a little, but none of them worked as fast, or as effectively as NMT. In fact, no one else was able to find the true root of my problems, which was a variety of undetected systemic infections. My allergies are now close to being gone, and I have not had a bladder or feminine infection since I started NMT. I have been able to overcome the anger and frustration I have felt over the past years, and I am more at peace than I have been in a long time.
Linda Corupe
Toronto ON
I have known Deborah since 2001. Since that time, I have sent my immediate family to Deborah’s office for this non-invasive, scientifically based technique. My children have benefited from NMT, as have my husband and myself. I have been referring my patients to Deborah for several years, and find that many chronic health issues that have not responded to other interventions improve or resolve with NMT.
Dr. Sonja Kustka, M.D.
Toronto ON
I can say that since I have had sessions with Deborah my energy level has improved, and only one cold in a whole year! Usually I have them as soon as the weather starts to change. I used to get a lot of cold sores. Now I get them only once in a while, and if I rinse my mouth with MMS they soon disappear. The self-hypnosis is effective for managing both aches and pains and my mental and emotional health. The aches and pains in general have become fewer. The knee that I sprained is now very healthy, both strong and flexible. I've forgotten I had an injury. The dietary changes Deborah recommended, along with the MMS, have been very beneficial. I used to have chronic gas and now have almost none. I have noticed changes in my skin as well. Moles are fading, and the texture is much softer and less dry.

I recognize that whatever difficulties I have, physical or otherwise, are a result of my past: old patterns of thinking and feeling, and the actions that have resulted from these. Deborah has helped me become aware of these patterns and deal with them more quickly and effectively than I would do on my own. She combines very sophisticated knowledge of the body, based on the latest research, with a deep inquiry into one's belief systems. Working with Deborah, I have learned to take more responsibility for my life and my health, leading to greater self-awareness and more intelligent self-care, and experienced as a result more joy and freedom and better physical vitality.
Laura C.
Myrtle Beach
My mother (now 81 years old) had a severe and chronic digestive track disorder that was worsening with time. She frequently had days of vomited and diarrhea a few times a week. She lost her appetite and stopped taking solid food, only drink hot water. The NMT technique produced immediate results of healing after just a single session. She stopped vomiting and has no diarrhea. Here appetite is back and she is eating normally. NMT changed her personality, as well. She is relaxed, positive and attentive. I can have a normal conversation with her for the first time! The NMT technique gave me my mother back. Thank God.
Toronto ON
Deborah A. Frenette has already helped me immensely with NMT in a very short period of time. My phobia of flying that developed over the past few years had become a source of paralyzing anxiety. Even when I wasn't traveling, the thought of taking a flight overwhelmed me with an intensely visceral response. Our session together before my recent trip to Dublin had an amazing stabilizing effect on my ability to feel safe and confident while in the aircraft. I felt that I had a new psychological toolbox, and also that I could trust my body to support me. I am sincerely grateful to have received this help that has allowed me to expand my boundaries and take flight!
Kilby Smith-McGregor
Toronto ON
I first came to see Deborah Frenette at Serenity Spa, to cure constant, debilitating migraines. I had 10 sessions with Deborah (2 in person and 8 on facetime) where she used hypnosis and modulation of my own system (using NMT). There were underlying past-abuse issues. During our sessions, she worked on these as well. The fear I had stemming from the abuse decreased. Migraines became much less frequent and of shorter duration. My energy level increased and sleep, which was very poor, became somewhat better.

My system indicated there were problems with my medication, which I looked into with my doctor. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to terminate our sessions. In all probability, further work would have been beneficial and possibly the migraines would have been entirely terminated. Deborah is good at what she does and her work with my system was effective.
Jean Quinn
Kingston, ON
I’d like to write the review about my son – Robert. He is now 26 month old. He had serious problems with his allergies since he was born; as well, he was very nervous and cranky kid. I breast feed him for 11 month and I had to be on diet for his food allergies. After switching to solid food it was more difficult. He had only 5 items in his diet (brown rice, broccoli, cauliflower, chicken and pear) for almost a year and a half till we worked with Deborah. After the first session Robert change his behavior drastically. He became happier, more independent from me and the biggest thing was his reaction to food. We start give him dairy products, eggs, fruits and there was no reaction. This is such a big relief for us. I thank Deborah for her help and support!!!!
Toronto, Ontario
Deborah is an exceptionally skilled MCM/NMT practitioner and an individual dedicated to spiritual truth. She brings to her clients a highly developed intuition and an astounding breadth of understanding on the underpinnings of health and well-being. The complex and holistic system of NMT allows for the ability to reveal very specific underlying patterns. When coupled with Deborah’s own tremendous depth of experience, knowledge and willingness, it offers a profound opportunity.
H. MacLeod
Toronto, Ontario
My knees were traumatized by years of mogul skiing and another motorcycle accident causing swelling in my right knee that has persisted since age 18 and is now reduced due to candida treatments. In 1985, I was forced to give up instructing and pleasure downhill skiing and to switch to cross country skiing.

My first NMT treatment for Candida took place without the knowledge of the identity of the offending pathogen. Specifically Deborah successfully treated a Hernia I had as a result of a Candida and virus infection in my Bladder in September 2002 after she returned from her initial NMT training. I began treatment of Candidiasis in November of 2003 with a diet, which eliminated sugars, white flour and vinegars. Deborah followed up with NMT and the introduction of one ThreeLac per day. Subsequently I was treated for Candidiasis at our time-share.

This caused the streptococcus bacteria to flare up while cross country skiing, making me ill with flu like symptoms until Deborah treated me in the chalet and after a short nap, I was able to return to skiing that same day. By Easter I found the condition of my knees had improved to such an extent that I was willing to try downhill skiing again after having stopped instructing skiing 20 years ago. This was such a positive experience that it was quickly repeated with a weekend at Jay Peak Vermont and the last two weeks of the season at Whistler B.C.

After a week at Whistler I was offered a demo pair of skis to try for a day. I made the mistake of over estimating my ability when the shop set the bindings. Subsequently the bindings on the short skis failed to release when I caught an edge in the crud (soft snow). The caused my previously traumatized right knees to hyper extend causing soft tissue damage.

By the time I limped home to our timeshare in Whistler village there was significant swelling. The application of ice and NMT failed to reduce the swelling, whereupon I suggested to Deborah she treat the knee for Candida with NMT. As a result of this treatment there was a significant reduction in swelling within an hour but the knee swelled again the next day requiring a 2nd treatment. The accident occurred on a Sunday and with careful exercise and NMT I was able to ski again by Wednesday. Now I am back to skiing as in my younger days, and I have NMT and Deborah to thank for this great recovery! Who said that a practitioner cannot heal their own family?!
The Late Murray Grummit
Toronto, ON
Rev. Deborah's webinar on NDE highlighted that the Divine Light is non-judgemental. This is key to the correct understanding of the scriptures and of the nature of God. "Judge not" is the commandment Jesus shared with us and that is what the Divine Light does at the end of our current physical life - judge us not. That life continues beyond the grave is a key understanding of ourselves as humans and Rev Deborah shared stories of the NDE that underline this key message that we continue beyond the death of the physical body. This is the message that the Christ shared with us by way of His Resurrection. The story of His continuation after death of the body was shared with his disciples, and stories of NDE recreate this truth for us. We are Beings of Eternal Love and Light as Jesus has shown us. We need never fear death for life, the life of our true selves is eternal.
Ian S.
Vancouver, BC
I am so grateful to Deborah for her amazing work with NMT and I thank God for leading me to her. I came to her with concerns for my children’s emotional and physical health, as well as my own. She ended up helping my entire family in more ways that I can write about. I was skeptical at first, as many would be, as NMT isn’t widely known about yet; however, I was soon put at ease and felt very comfortable with her. She is very spiritual, which was very important to me as a Christian. Through her help, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, my children are doing much better emotionally and physically, as am I. I have a closer relationship with the Lord, and my worries have diminished considerably. My faith has been strengthened and God has put it on my heart that He truly is in control and will take care of us. I don’t have to worry, just trust in Him!

I have battled sinus infections for most of my life and have been on antibiotics many times. I am happy to say that I now have fewer infections and have greatly cut down on my antibiotic use. I have also been able to give up sugar, dairy, and gluten for over two months and feel so much better! I’ve also lost 20 lbs, which I’ve tried to do for years before, and failed. I am so thankful to Deborah, because without her help, through the Holy Spirit, I don’t believe any of this would have happened. My whole family’s bodies and minds are healthier, and my spiritual life has grown. Thank you, Deborah, for all you’ve done for my family and me. You are such a special person and I will be forever grateful! God Bless you and all the good that you do for others.