The Miracle of You: Your Secret System

Come on a journey of awe-inspiring healing of body, mind and soul, beginning with the passion and love between a man and a woman.

Come on a journey of awe-inspiring healing of body, mind and soul, beginning with the passion and love between a man and a woman. Deborah and Murray fell in love at first sight. Their irresistible desire for each other gave them the strength to overcome barriers and seek and find healing. They believed that together they could improve their health, their mental state and their joy for life. These two had their passionate, forbidden love but not their best health. Their fiery connection launched them on a stormy sea of love and a blusterous journey of discovering the truth of life after death, leading to finding authentic health and healing. 

Deborah insisted that Murray must learn that in his deepest recesses that he was a powerful spiritual being. Raised by a nuclear scientist, Murray lacked truth about who he really was and quested for his soul. 

Teaching Murray about her mother’s compelling Near-Death Experience, one of the one of the very early experiences, started them delving into life after death. Searching for Murray’s mental health through alternative means brought them to A Course In Miracles, a spiritual but non-religious course of self-study scribed to two New York doctors. A Course In Miracles taught them that the world is a self-created illusion. They came to know that there is great power in this understanding. The connection to the Higher Self was the real power of Earthly Life.

Deborah and Murray developed a method to test for spiritual guidance. An adventure into healing began as they were led to health and certainty of a beautiful life waiting for them after they set aside their bodies forever. 

Murray’s health needs propelled Deborah to the role of reluctant healer. Learning the absolute truth about the secret healer within allowed Deborah to be a catalyst to heal the impossible, pushing her into becoming a practitioner. New thoughts led them to the authentic secret of the new century, the Natural Control System within.

Impressive recovery followed. Life changed forever for so many people brought into their healing practice, a circle of love. Deborah writes absorbing stories about the compelling recovery of both people and animals that came into her practice. She includes self-help tools to keep people on their healing path. Deborah yearns to impart the true secret of natural health to people of our Earth and their animals.