The Healing of a Blind Dog in Cuba with NMT

Our translator, Yorgis, lived in Mota, about six kilometres from our resort. He introduced us to his runty little dog, an old mutt with a stocky body, short legs and a tattered ear. I noted that Chain the dog was effectively blind, his eyes swollen, crusty and squeezed tightly together. Yorgis told us his dog was blinded years ago, and according to the vet, that his dog would stay blind.

Yorgis remarked that he thought the dog was suffering from a reaction to the milk of the cactus that grows easily and profusely in the region. These cacti are used as hedges, often seen as high as 3 or 4 feet.  It was easy to see how the dog could suffer scratches to his eyes and perhaps have cactus milk poisoning his eyes while trying to get through the hedges.

This blind dog represented a formidable challenge, one I was willing to take up without hesitation. Here was a job for NMT! I was excited, realizing that success in restoring Chain’s sight could build my reputation for achievement in this area. I started with allergic response to cactus milk, and then I worked on an infection in his eyes. Within a few sessions, he was improving, his eyes opening and the pus clearing up.

On his third session, I spoke to Chain, saying, “Okay boy, it is your turn for a session” and he actually hopped up, with his head and forelegs nestled in my lap, and stayed there the entire session. I was deeply touched by this tender response from a dog that looked like a “tough guy” much like a prizefighter pouring out his emotions to his lady friend! Then, when I said, “Okay boy, we are all done!” he hopped down and went about his business. Chain’s responsiveness was awesome! We have that scenario on videotape.

I became close to my buddy, Chain. I felt connected in a loving way to this funny little runt. Chain’s recovery was very confirming to us. We found Chain’s  recovery continued to hold for him when we returned to Cuba for our next visit, months later.

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