Free Healing Hypnosis Recordings to Heal Mind, Body and Soul to Relax and Heal*

These recordings are my gift to you. These are meant to heal your whole person, your emotions, your mind, your body and your soul. PLEASE TURN UP YOUR VOLUME, THE LEVEL IS LOW.  Please understand that listening repeatedly this recording will be of benefit, it is your system connected to Creator God within that heals… Continue reading Free Healing Hypnosis Recordings to Heal Mind, Body and Soul to Relax and Heal*

Certified Hypnotist

Deborah A Frenette has been a Certified Hypnotist and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) since her certification in 2000. Her connection with the NGH keeps her up to date with the latest advancements in the fascinating world of hypnosis and healing with the mind/body connection. Although NCM and Hypnosis have differences,… Continue reading Certified Hypnotist


What is hypnosis? When you hear the word hypnosis, you may imagine the madman popularized in movies, comic books and television. This bearded Svengali waves a pocket watch in front of the glazed eyed subject until he/she falls into a zombi-like state. Once hypnotized, the subject is forced to obey, no matter how strange, illegal… Continue reading HYPNOSIS: Get the Real FACTS!

What is NeuroModulation Technique NMT?

A New Way to Be Healthy- Modulate Your Control System! NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) is a health care system based upon a method of direct communication with the Autonomic Control System (ACS) of the client through Muscle Response or Pendulum Testing, using verbal and/or non-verbal questions and statements. The errors made by the ACS causing poor… Continue reading What is NeuroModulation Technique NMT?

My NMT Sessions

How are my NMT (NeuroModulation Technique) Treatments  Performed? NMT sessions  are safe, gentle, and effective. Each step of the NMT correction involves finding Autonomic Control System (ACS) faults, delivering the appropriate “query/ correction” script, and tapping. This tapping allows the ACS to focus on the command and make the necessary correction.  The client is asked to perform a patterned breathing cycle… Continue reading My NMT Sessions

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Mind Over Body Health and Children

Mind Over Body Health and Children People of all ages improve and thrive once their systems are working with them, through modulation of their own Natural Control System (NCS)and with the positive suggestions of Hypnotherapy. Children’s young minds are open to these different methods of healing. Children have fewer preconceived notions of how we heal… Continue reading Mind Over Body Health and Children

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Cuban Project Overview

NeuroModulation Technique: Our Project in Cuba Extending A Helping Hand and a Project is Born: This project began informally during a two week vacation with my now  late husband Murray in the fall of 2004, in the mountainous, remote area of Pilón, Province of Granma, Cuba. A dear Cuban friend, a server in the hotel… Continue reading Cuban Project Overview