How does NMT define allergy or intolerance?

What is an allergy or intolerence in terms of the Master Control System’s and NMT?

An allergy in terms of your Master Control System’s (MCS) response to internal or external stimuli. The MCS reacts by attacking the incoming substance or internal reaction to a substance as if it is a foreign body and sends an inappropriate Immune System Response (ISR) to the substance. Often, the ISR treats harmless substances as if an enemy, and attacks! In this attack, the body tissues and chemistries will also become the subject of attack.These attacks led to dis-ease and illness. Healing emotions always play a vital role in healing such allergies. By correcting the function of the MCS, the attacks can and do end, leading to the acceptance of the substances in question, and allowing for a normal response.

One client I worked with presented in her session a graphic example. As a child below two years old, she was burned by a gas jet.  In our sessions together, I learned about this trauma and we quickly worked with the MCS to help her understand the event and to release the terror from the perspective of the present day. We found this was the main cause of her anaphylaxis shock reaction to airplane fumes! Now, she can fly back to her European home without concern.

This is one of many examples of the powerful nature of the MCS and its ability to create effective Soul/Mind/Body healing, without drugs or other invasive interventions. 

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