What is NeuroModulation Technique NMT?

A New Way to Be Healthy- Modulate Your Control System!

NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) is a health care system based upon a method of direct communication with the Autonomic Control System (ACS) of the client through Muscle Response or Pendulum Testing, using verbal and/or non-verbal questions and statements. The errors made by the ACS causing poor health are then corrected with a combination of verbal and/or non-verbal commands and statements. NMT can produce profound results in all forms of illness that are provoked by faults in the function of the ACS.

Why we get sick in the first place?

The human body was designed with so powerful a system of internal controls that good health is our natural state. When illness comes, it is often a result of factors that confuse the body’s internal control center, (ACS) making it impossible to regulate the body to a healthy state.  The ACS is a very sophisticated “bio-computer” that is separated into the conscious/voluntary, and autonomic/unconscious control systems. ACS functions in the background of our body control system; otherwise our conscious mind would be so distracted by the job of controlling the body processes that we would not be able to concentrate to anything else!

NMT corrects diseases 

Many diseases result from the presence of unrecognized infectious organisms. The mechanism of illness is that these stealthy organisms confuse the immune system into self-attack (or auto-immune.) If attacking the connective tissues, it produces Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia and related conditions. If attacking the nervous system it may be multiple sclerosis (MS), ALS, and other degenerative nervous system diseases. If attacking the gastrointestinal system, diseases like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease, etc. If attacking the endocrine system, the result may be hypoglycemia diabetes and hypothyroidism. NMT corrects these conditions by reprogramming the immune system to recognize and destroy infection, and stop the autoimmune attacks on body.


NMT is also a very rapid and effective way of correcting all allergies to foods, inhalants, and other external substances; and body tissues and body chemicals. NMT corrects the error and thereby stops the allergy behavior. NMT is used to cause the body to recognize external toxins, or chemicals that mimic body hormones, and to instruct the body to purge these harmful substances from the body.

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